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Tamil Nadu - Trichy

The Rock Fort Temple at dusk

The Rock Fort Temple at dusk


Trichy, also known as Tiruchirappalli, is a beautifully landscaped town with fresh air and cultural extravaganzas all around. So enchanting was this city that the Cholas made it their citadel until the Nayakkas overpowered them, finally making way for the Pallavas under whom Trichy achieved artistic excellence one can only imagine. Its pristine environment and natural beauty are Trichy’s most treasured qualities.

  • Rock Fort Temple

    Once you start climbing to the Rock Fort Temple, the cool breeze and the romance in it are so mesmerizing you forget that it was carved from a single large rock, 83 metres above the ground; a rock so old it was present before the Himalayas. When you finally do convince yourself to move on, you come across a simple yet enchanting temple called Sri Thayumanaswamy dedicated to the mighty Shiva. A climb right to the top might be a little tiring, but the temple that welcomes you there leaves you in sheer awe at the will of the devoted workers who toiled hard day and night to build the Vinayaka Temple in memory of Lord Ganesha.

  • Srirangam

  • Thirunvanaikkaval or Jambukeswar Temple

  • Lourdes Church

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Must-do things

  • Visit the temples.
  • Explore the Temple Chariot Festival.
  • Relive the rich history.
  • Go on a shopping spree.

Location / Best time to go

Location -

Trichy has its own international airport and railway station.

Best Time To Go -

The best time to visit Trichy is from October through March.


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